1. Very talented!


    Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

  2. My Lovely Scottish Wedding have featured Jo & Larisa’s wedding. Very Chuffed!

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  3. The Bride.

    Alternative Wedding Photography. www.leedavidsonconnor.com

  4. Engagement Photo Shoot with Iain & Nicole. Luss, Loch Lomond, Scotland.

  5. Editing my shots from Sunday, Engagement Shoot with Iain & Nicole in Luss Loch Lomond.

  6. I have put together a mini portfolio of my Engagement Photography.


  7. I now have a Google+ Profile. Please share and follow. 

  8. I took part in an interview with ‘Your Perfect Wedding Photographer’
    The person behind the camera.

  9. A Testimonial from a previous client, this couple in the photograph were great to work with.

    Wedding Photographer  www.leedavidsonconnor.com

  10. photographersdirectory:

    Kevin A Morris is a Ceramic Designer. I took some time to visit him at his studio on Monday 30th June.

    "The idea of object, material and environment is central to my work, be the objects found or placed in a natural environment or within our own man made habitats. How we interact within nature and our attempts to contain, harness or even contribute to it though objects is exciting to me, I try to translate this in the work I do at the moment." Kevin A Morris.

    My approach is all about the subject in their environment, I believe we are happiest when we are in our comfort surrounded by the objects that make us who we are. 

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